Friday, July 16, 2010

And so it begins...

There are few things in life as delicious as the perfect Ice Chocolate. In my books a perfect Ice Chocolate should not degrade itself with the following:
* Ice
* Unsweetened whipped cream
* Trim milk
* flavoured ice cream
* HALF a cup of unsweetened whipped cream
* drinking chocolate (powder)

I shall briefly address each of these bullet points -
Ice - WHY?? Do not be fooled into thinking that the name of this sumptuous beverage justifies the use of ice - oh no no! Ice Chocolate is named thus because of the Ice cream in it - NOT Ice. Bleechhh.

Unsweetened whipped cream - if you're going to indulge in whipped cream why not include sugar?? There's just no rhyme or reason to it.

Trim milk - why, when you can have FULL?

Flavoured ice cream - flavoured ice cream is not a total  no-no - it's just that plain ice cream - Vanilla, Hokey Pokey, even Cookies'n'Cream - seem to soak in the flavour of this chilly chocolatey "nectar" all that much better. In short - flavours can be distracting.

HALF a cup of unsweetened whipped cream - I recently ordered an ice chocolate at a restaurant and had to trudge seemingly endlessly through at LEAST half a cup of this SLOP before I finally tasted any hint of chocolatey drink. It was NOT pretty.

Drinking Chocolate (powder) - I like mine to be made with cocoa and sugar - why? cos I like mine to have a definite chocolate taste. I like it to have that bitter sweet cocoa-chocolatey TANG.

And what exactly does this perfect-o Ice Chocolate Drink look like? Glad you asked.

Don't hate it cos it's perfect : P


  1. Looks great! Where is the recipe! :-D

    (You told us what all to NOT put in, but not what TO put in!)

  2. Make a thick chocolatey syrup with sugar, cocoa and water. Add and stir in chilled milk. Add generous scoops of icecream and let set for a while. Then drink! Leave the icecream till last - it's just better that way :)
    My Dad used to make a large glass jug full of this and let it sit in the fridge for us to help ourselves to when we had the inkling - I could do this but just make it in individual tall glasses instead.