Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So  yesterday I seemed to find doing my usual 30 morning pushups a little harder than usual. Gravity working overtime at my house that morning? More muscle mass that's it. I've gained more muscle mass. Yup.

Of course I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of this (see below) that I consumed over the weekend....No, no connection there AT ALL I'm sure....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Radish LOVE

I <3 Radishes.

I just bought a packet at the Supermarket yesterday even though I have a couple of "crops" growing in the garden - just not fast enough. I needed to have some.

I counted them before even opening the packet. Eight. Only eight?! I could finish eight in one sitting. By myself. Radishes how I have missed you....

Friday, July 16, 2010


I know, I know - there's an actual site called Regretsy - which is actually quite entertaining in a sometimes amusing type of way, but which I personally feel I can't really fully endorse because of some of the subject matter that they choose to include.
When I think Regret-sy I'm thinking something AMAZING from Etsy that I procrastinated and second guessed myself about getting and subsequently.....missed out on *sulk*.

Like this shirt. Isn't it AWESOME?!


And so it begins...

There are few things in life as delicious as the perfect Ice Chocolate. In my books a perfect Ice Chocolate should not degrade itself with the following:
* Ice
* Unsweetened whipped cream
* Trim milk
* flavoured ice cream
* HALF a cup of unsweetened whipped cream
* drinking chocolate (powder)

I shall briefly address each of these bullet points -
Ice - WHY?? Do not be fooled into thinking that the name of this sumptuous beverage justifies the use of ice - oh no no! Ice Chocolate is named thus because of the Ice cream in it - NOT Ice. Bleechhh.

Unsweetened whipped cream - if you're going to indulge in whipped cream why not include sugar?? There's just no rhyme or reason to it.

Trim milk - why, when you can have FULL?

Flavoured ice cream - flavoured ice cream is not a total  no-no - it's just that plain ice cream - Vanilla, Hokey Pokey, even Cookies'n'Cream - seem to soak in the flavour of this chilly chocolatey "nectar" all that much better. In short - flavours can be distracting.

HALF a cup of unsweetened whipped cream - I recently ordered an ice chocolate at a restaurant and had to trudge seemingly endlessly through at LEAST half a cup of this SLOP before I finally tasted any hint of chocolatey drink. It was NOT pretty.

Drinking Chocolate (powder) - I like mine to be made with cocoa and sugar - why? cos I like mine to have a definite chocolate taste. I like it to have that bitter sweet cocoa-chocolatey TANG.

And what exactly does this perfect-o Ice Chocolate Drink look like? Glad you asked.

Don't hate it cos it's perfect : P

Raisins are fruit

I vote yoghurt raisins count as part of your five plus a day.

Raisins are fruit.